About me

Born in the Cape Verde islands and raised in Paris  and  Rotterdam. Designer Arriz Golden ’s passion for designing was obvious. It was only natural that Arriz enrolled in fashion design school, Mondriaan College in 2003, from which he graduated with honors and distinctions in 2008.

Arriz Golden distinguishes himself from most other designers in that he individually crafts each gown to tell its own unique story of love, beauty and romance. With a deep desire for the romance and the simple decadence of a bygone era of femininity.

Arriz Golden is able to create unique pieces that are vintage inspired but decidingly modern. The dresses are the epitome of the young, chic dress for social events, for red carpet events,for weddings and wedding parties.

The Rotterdam based designer  Arriz Golden is famous for creating collections that are sensuous, exciting and contemporary using beautiful fabrics and attention to exquist details.

Inspired by modern women, who needs more glamour in their lives but who don’t want to turn their backs on that dress they’ve always dreamed of, Arriz Golden combines the practical with the dreamy.

Arriz Golden ’s fresh fashion vision is expressed in his stunning designs for the new luxury label.  Drawing inspiration from Katharine Hepburn, Arriz designs for the independent woman who desires a look that is effortlessly chic yet sexy and strong.

Also designer Arriz Golden has achieved International renown for his sumptuous gowns, which combine the glamour and sophistication reminiscent of the golden era of couture with a contemporary twist. He creates his couture gowns from a place of true passion.